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Embroidery design studio

Thanks to our experience on the embroidery market, we are able to prepare professional embroidery software, making use of the best software, called Sierra, available on the embroidery market.

Not only do we take great pleasure in helping you with your personalization needs, but also we are able to create our own designs, basing on your suggestions (our embroidery collection consists of 30 000 ready-to-use patterns). With suport of our embroidery design studio, our embroiders are prepared at hand, ready for your approval, possible changes or corrections are quickly done.

We are able to prepare embroidery software for all types of embroidery machines. We can take your original design and digitize it into an embroidery machine - readable format, making an experimental sample for your individual order.

Our primary concern is to maintain on-time delivery and fair pricing for our services. You are welcome to cooperate. Just send us an e-mail, write about yourself, and we will be happy to please you, and we will send you our embroidery samples.

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